Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My Best Student - $70K+ So Far After Feb 2014 Stock Operation Course

This student of mine is just simply amazing. Ever since he started the course in Feb 2014 this year, he had made almost $70K+ profits so far! All the stocks I advised and advocated him, he touched without even thinking and just executed and get the job done with no whining whatsoever. Even in his meeting, he still find 1 minute of his time to get the job done. This is what I meant excellence and no excuse when you want to make big $$.

I had met many people in my life and I dare to say none come close to him. He's not the best technical man when it comes to skills and knowledge, but his guts is something I adore and admire. Put it this way, he's not wishy washy, he act first and then think of repercussions later where most people would think first before act. He's earning about $4K - $5K a month but he's banking serious $$ in the stock market and made $70K where tantamount to his almost a year of salary! He always get the job done without me pushing him. The sheer attitude of wanting to make $$ badly simply turn me on! I am a man on my mission, I will do my best to make him the first $168K! I will get the job done! Check out all his trades!\

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator