Wednesday, May 28, 2014

JES Intl - Powerful Call, $$ Made in 2 Hour!

Earlier in the morning I gave a facebook post that I am going to scan the next stock that is going to run today. In my mind, I already knew which counter however it was just the timing element that I need to grasp it correctly. In the morning, I posted RH PetrgoGas to all on my blog to book $$ and indeed within minutes, the stock suffered fast heavy reactions from 0.97 to 0.925! Earlier on in the late morning, to keep and deliver my promise for those who came for the preview yesterday and signed for the course, I said I knew which stock was going to run today and I am going to give it in the SMMG Club as promised yesterday.

Indeed I gave the stock in the SMMG Club 10 mins before it ran and those who signed yesterday witnessed the power of precision timing where the stock ran instantly within minutes. Those who took actions made $$. In my preview, I mentioned umpteen times that I don't watch the price or volume but the timing of the stock. The price and volume is not important but the time is the utmost crucial in stock trading. I found the holy grail in the Singapore Stock Market. This past week, I had been many many calls in public and private domain with almost 100% hit rate!

Indeed I gave a stock call on JES. Within 10 minutes the stock ran all the way from the back then to the front to be in the Top 1 in Volume now! From 0.087 to 0.094 in a sheer almost 2 hour time frame! All my students were dumbfounded, but that's ok. They took actions. It's like me picking a stock everyday that would run, from RH PetroGas, to Sunvic yesterday to JES today!!

I also gave the exit call. From start to finish. From 0.087 to 0.094, students were reaping in $$ LIVE. This is LIVE Trading at it's best! Many made crazy $$ within a short time frame.

As you can see from the Top Volume, JES flew, from the time I gave the call at 0.087 to a high of 0.094 and many were reaping in $$. Once again, I delivered my promise so far and great job from all my students. I did not enter this trade because I want to prove that I am not fore running and I don't have to whack big in order to move the stock and then give my students the call. The stock move because of supply/demand and the precision timing I gave, NOT price or volume which many TA uses, those are lagging.

Below are most of the whatsapp messages I got and the trade records. History were made. Picked many stocks and all ran. Go through my blog last 2 weeks and you will know. People say I don't give public calls, but then again, there were SIIC, RH PetroGas, HPH Trust, and many others. Enjoy and congrats to all who took my course! Add me in facebook and twitter!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator