Saturday, February 4, 2017

Hong Leong Asia - 2 Bar Breakout, Possible Privatization?

I am doing my homework now for the upcoming Monday's game plan and stock selection for trading. It's a Saturday but I am hungry to make $ next week while the market presents huge opportunity next week for some buying opportunies. While doing my scanning and analysis, I was looking at Hong Leong Asia as one of my swing traded stock that is currently preforming at the moment. The stock had 2 huge breakout, followed by a short breather and yesterday, it continued to record almost 9% return for a possible privatization. My investment is currently in good $ now.

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I found a few stocks for next week for some serious swing trade. Of course, not all stocks will run on Monday because the timing might not ready yet. Other stocks will run either Tuesday or Wednesday where I have to plan it correctly and hence it's taking me some time to do my homework correctly. I will pick a good stock for Monday, another for Tuesday while Wednesday is a stock for swing trade. I give a Whatsapp alert next week so don't miss it.

Also, I received many emails for my short term trading strategies these past 2 days which I will share in my workshop on Tuesday evening. In that workshop, I will also share some stocks for investment purpose and short term trading opportunities if you are interested. Register below and see you on Tuesday evening.

Eventbrite - Enroll to trade stocks with Ronald K

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