Wednesday, February 22, 2017

One Time Trading Event - Learn How to Short Sell

I will be hosting a one time trading event next Tuesday to share some important insights/ points on buying before results and shorting after the earnings is out, just like in the case of Wilmar yesterday, where the results was good but the short sellers were better in selling the stock.

In this event, I will be logging into my account and show you how short selling is done. How to spot the turning point before the stock collapse and find the right stock that is ripe where sellers were distributing. The Dow is reaching an all time record high now and it may correct anytime soon. I am watching for the right time for shorting and if you don't know how to short, opportunities are wasted. So, if you are interested to learn more on shorting, kindly register below for my one time trading event for next Tuesday, Feb 28th, 7pm. See you all there.

Eventbrite - Register for my One Time Trading Event

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