Friday, February 17, 2017

Sunlight - LIVE Trading, 88.88% Return in 1 Day

I will keep this post short. Today is just a really good day for LIVE Trading. I am happy with the turnout on a Friday 9am sharp. 100 of people watch me LIVE Trade and we traded Sunlight with an amazing 88% return today. All, in fact everybody made $$ together with me but that's not the important point. The crucial plus point to note here is the timing on how did I know exactly 10:15am-10.30am? This is something no TA can teach or FA that you can read. I am still holding my 100 lots at 0.026 while I congrats the rest of the people who made because it's now 0.035 and reached a high of 0.037. Also, thanks for all the records and thanks for coming.

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