Thursday, February 8, 2018

DBS - Hole In Chart, 2 Round Profits

Market opened, DBS gap up $1.20 cents and then started to suffer selling again. It seemed as though the buyers who went long yesterday were looking to lock in profits. There was a big hole in the chart and that hole can be easily filled up should more sellers comes out. You seldom see DBS in the Top Volume within the Top 10. It tells you that many traders are trading this counter and also its's warrants. The market looks stagnant without much movements in stocks, it might be a tough day. I am so glad to see one of my student making 2 rounds of DBS in 2 days with $6000 profits before his course starts in April. I am also particularly happy that my bullish Whatsapp in DBS gave him the profits he needed. I believe he has made back the course fee before even attending my course. Thank you!

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More sellers in DBS. It seemed like a gap in the chart is a good opportunity to lock in profits. See the Top volume stocks, they are pretty stagnant for the moment.

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