Wednesday, February 14, 2018

OCBC - Reports 31% Higher 4Q17 Earnings

OCBC released a set of good results for 4Q 17 this morning. The news is good but the sellers were equally strong in selling while the buyers were busy locking in profits, using the good results and higher price to cash in $. I am particularly pleased that my student was able to long at 5.04 at matching time before the market officially closed at 5.05pm and sold today at 9am for some very very good profits of $750 in like 5 minutes! Buy before results and sell into good results when news released is the way to go for short term trading.

On another note, I am also pleased that my Dow prediction yet again materialized where the bull is indeed in the building process. Last evening, the market sold down first and recovered in a good fashion which indicated that the bull is supporting the market for another wave of upside. I am pleased that my student was able to trade the Dow and also made some small $ out of it. Take actions after homework be it right or wrong and you will gain experience. Congrats!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist