Monday, February 12, 2018

DBS - Bulls Overpowering Bears

The bulls in DBS is overpowering the bears as the buyers continue to take lead over the sellers. After a steep sell down last week, it seemed as though the bears have abated and my outlook over the week where I gave a outlook that the "bull market building process" is currently in play now.

When the Dow Jones rebound, STI should rebound and all the blue chips will then start to follow. Looking at the buying action now, it seemed as though that's the case as the bears slow retreat and DBS poised to break through higher prices. In the short term from this price in DBS, I expect some mini selling and DBS should continue it's up trend. See my morning outlook where I forecasted that the banks will be in a choppy session and after it's accumulation, it started to move again. See my morning outlook on the banks.

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