Wednesday, February 7, 2018

DBS, OCBC - Booked Your Profits

The Dow was up 567 points last evening and everything started to rebound including DBS and OCBC. It also meant that the bullish Whatsapp alert I gave yesterday to everyone was correct as I spotted the bottom price for OCBC and DBS. Click below to see my yesterday's post.

Yesterday the STI was down -130 points and that's where it was a good bargain to search for stocks that it about to rebound. As I scanned throughout the whole market, I only found DBS and OCBC to be potential candidates for a good rebound and that's where some of us traded the Dow Jones and Germany indices on the long side in lieu of the +567 points witnessed in the Dow Jones last evening. Most swung the DBS and OCBC trades while others locked in fast profits.

Today when the market gap up, I knew the smart money would look to lock in profits and hence I gave an alert to lock in profits at 8:59am before DBS and OCBC started to tank now! I believe most of us started booking profits for DBS and OCBC to avoid selling. With just some small lots, most of us made thousands of dollars as attached above. As of now, both DBS and OCBC started to suffer more selling and once again, congrats everyone for locking in profits at the peak!

I will be giving some hot tips in my last talk next Tuesday. Don't miss it.

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