Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Genting SP, Olam, Sunningdale - Student's Record with $5800 Profits

I just received an email that my student who have not attended my March course started to see some good returns today with $5800 unrealized profits in Genting, Sunningdale and Olam. The best thing is he is only 23 years old. I believe it's the outlook I shared in my private forum and the stocks he selected was the right ones and my private events that he attended which gave him the confidence to trade. I am pleased to see that he's making very good $$ before even attending the course.

I have many others who wants to make $$ but not as hungry as this particular student because he never one time let his work or busy schedule affect his trading plan. Remember it's how hungry you want to make it, not because you are busy or got meeting, etc..because a trade is just one click in a few seconds before it's done. Do remember to do your homework the night before for preparation with no excuse. Good job and congrats and see you soon in the course!

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