Saturday, February 10, 2018

Dow Jones - Bull Market Building Process

The Dow last evening once again showed some super volatility. It was sold off very heavily at the start from +230 points then towards to -330 points before recovering all the way back to +330 points again. It's this kind of volatility that makes the market exciting and presents opportunity to make $. As posted in my Facebook post yesterday, this sell down is creating a path for the bull to be back again and indeed, it's in the building phase at the moment or the rebound in the Dow wouldn't have happened. For those interested to follow my business page in Facebook, click the below links and click like.

In the coming days to weeks, there will be a lot of opportunities in the market and before Chinese New Year, I will be giving out some hot tips for those who wants to trade and make $. Many stocks are oversold and it's important to pick the right stocks for a good ride. See you all soon in my talk next Tuesday.

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