Thursday, April 25, 2019

DingYi Group Inv - Explosion in Prices

DingYi Group Inv in Hong Kong, a stock which I posted on my blog last Friday burst into strength today with a super long bar up. From 0.62, it ran all the way up to $1.02 and suddenly in the next 15 minutes, the stock collapsed. Click below on my last Friday's post to see my analysis.

The stock rally exploded today. The returns were instant but the speed of the movements were pretty exhilarating. From the daily chart, there were some hidden buying going on and moving into the 5 minute chart, there were some collections which took place. I did not expect it to fly so fast but it did. Hence, this explosion of price movements is not bullish to buy but more on the unloading side. It's wise to lock in profits on the long bar. Congrats to those who went long. :)

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