Saturday, May 26, 2012

Capitaland - Big Volume Is Delusional

Yesterday just when I thought I could take a break, I saw something again which caught my attention. Was on the phone with Eng and he witnessed the entire fake volume campaign. He shorted Hang Seng at the high and made some money out of it and I shorted Capitaland because I see some fake campaigns. During the whole process, he witnessed something he won't find in textbox but only from my experience and that was fake big volume to buy up when the BBs real actual motive is to selldown. Now, I know many love to watch volume and use it as one of their arsenal in trading, however for me, I don't watch volume that much. I think it delusional and sometimes it can trick and cost you money. I am faster than any big buy/sell volume before it is done with the exchange. I won't force you to believe it but I have got records to prove and witness who saw it.

My point is very simple, if you want to use volume as one of your trading tools, you got to understand every single fakes/reals volume and how BBs use volume to trick you to buy when they sell. I don't want to put volume down but if there is something that can be faster than volume, that is knowing what the BBs next move is before that volume was done with the exchange. To know that, K Mind comes into picture. It's making intelligent guesses what the BBs next move is before the breakout/breakdown happens. To talk is cheap, however action speaks louder than words and moreover I got a witness. Once again, I will talk about this in my seminar which I repeat, these tactics are something you won't find it books, guaranteed!

Oh one more thing, these days, I don't trade with charts anymore. The charts I posit on my blog is for illustration on the timing of execution. I can use the buy/sell queue on a stock like Capitaland to tell you where is the high for Hang Seng or STI and a stock like noble to tell you where is the market heading next. All these are from my recent observation after taking some losses this week. Those losses I made are really valuable in my learning and knowledge gaining process. I will share my experience where I started speculation with charts, from daily, to min and then gradually to trade without charts. This is the highest form of speculation if one wants to be a speculator. It's just going to be something that you have not heard or seen before. At the end of the seminar, if Ronald K can do it, so can you!

To learn, To gain, To liberate is to free your ambitious mind from winning and learn the art of losing!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator