Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Keppel Corp - A Breakout

Today was truly a good day for KepCorp. Like I mentioned in the morning, the BBs are heavily invested in this counter but many told me to be aware of XD which I think has nothing got to do with BBs buying in this counter. On Monday night I was just chatting with Eng and told him that we are seeing a rally and true enough we saw one. Today's flushed down in the morning made me even more bullish that this stock would rock and we witness a day high of 11.18. So when I use my K Time to buy at 11.00 on Monday and when everyone told me XD and it's going down soon, I just looked at the chart and say we shall witness a breakout soon. Maybe it's true that XD is not over and we may see a lower price, but frankly speaking, CD or XD, as long as one get in at the correct timing and price, he/she still makes profits.

At 3.25pm earlier, I was just chatting with Eng as I know he likes Kepcorp, I warned him of an upcoming reaction and do not buy at the rising price that he saw on KepCorp at 3.25pm because he may get it lower later. At 3.45pm, the operators in Kep Corp started to dump the shares at high price to the public who chased after at rising price. I am glad he heeded my advice and was not slaughtered in that process.

Interested parties on why the operators at Kep Corp started to dump at 3.45pm when I detected the dumping campaign at 3.25pm can email me, I will tell you why.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator