Monday, May 14, 2012

CapMallsAsia - K Time 4

Today, I stated a rebound will happen. However only 1 stock caught my attention and that is CapMallsAsia. Actually, this stock was already in my watchlist and I already punted 200lots last Friday, however, it did not move. I was telling my friend that this stock will be moving in the next 1-2 days and today it finally showed signs of buying up. At 9.02am, I received an email on Kepcorp as why is it keep tanking, so I said just watch CMA as it is strong imo. After posting, the stock rebounded. Again, I got the timing right on the spot.

I got to admit last week, I cut some losses on CMA as I got the timing wrong. But I was so certain that today it will rebound and go or I wouldn't alert to watch CMA at 9.02am. Now, I am very frustrated with myself because I took my profits too early. Although I don't know where is the high, but I knew 1.43 would not be the final price for CMA when I took profit. Now you see, if you have skills but no patience, you will only make kopi money, but if you got average skills but patience, you will be rich one day. So to conclude, patience is more important than skills or anything else!

For those who made money off CMA, share your joy in the comments section. I believe I alerted some of you who take the time to email and asked me questions.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator