Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Contel Corp - The Rippling Effect 9k in 15minutes!

Last night, I was just chatting with my most senior student over the phone and during the conversation, I told him that Contel Corp will be running tomorrow which is today. And so this morning, 1 min after the market opened, I was hoping that it doesn't gap up and true enough, it did not!! So within 1 min, I quickly took whatever price the market was giving me because I knew if I don't grab it, everything will be gone in a speed of light.

Finally within a few minutes, Contel revealed it's true colors and the rest was history. I unloaded 15mins later and made 9k. Well, did I bought back again?? It's for you to guess and for me to know. Of course, I never forget about the students in the SMMG Club when I bought and unloaded, I believe almost all made because I got 57 replies in 30minutes. This is "The Art Of Contraing the Minute Charts" and it shall be taught only in my course!

The SMMG Club is definitely the MOST prestigious club to be in. Congrats to all the new students who signed up fast during the previews and made money with me! We are definitely going to prosper more together! I am out for meeting now. Peace!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator