Thursday, February 14, 2013

ContelCorp - Secrets Of Contra Trading

It was definitely another CNY Ang Bao for me today. On, Feb 7th when I alerted the SMMG Club to watch Contel, I knew it was about time that a imminent breakout is happening and so I longed 1000 lots to prove my conviction. Today, the stock finally brokeout and I let my students know that I exited so they can follow me! Well, my trades were still within the contra period and I am enjoying every single bit of it! I had executed many trades that were within contra period and this was just another one which proved and solidify my skills in contra trading. I am going to announce something during a seminar soon, so it's either you come or regret. At the same time while my trades were running, people were signing up for my course without me giving any previews yet which makes me feel proud. Oh, a student who signed up for the March course also made her money in Contel which I believed gave her more confidence in my teachings! Congrats and see you in March. See below.

While Contel brokeout today, another stock was coming off and that was WE Holdings. This morning, yet again, I alerted all my students to book some profits first because some BBs are rushing up price to take profits.

Most of them I believed booked some profits and they thanked me after that.

WE Holdings took a mini plunge and it is now off from it's day high!

Whatever it is, it was a good trading month as we the SMMG Club are reaping in profits. I had discovered a secret in Contra trading which I believed I had proven many times with results. While others are using traditional indicators, I re-retro-invent contra trading to a whole new level. A skill that many wished to learn but could not get it right with consistency unless one is willing to pay the market to learn. I had paid my bills in the past and I believed I had found the answer. Once again, I thank all my students and all the attendees who came for my previews/seminars. Also those who signed for my course. We will make $ together!

Update 14/2/2013, 4:02pm

Both WE holdings and Contel Corp came off!!!!!!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator