Tuesday, January 14, 2014

AusGroup - The Ronald K SMS Service

On Jan 6th, I got my PAs to send out a SMS to all students to watch Ausgroup. During that time, AusGroup was pretty bullish in my opinion because there was less selling and a trading halt. In my opinion, a big breakout was coming and since I can see it coming, the best way is to get the SMS out and let students make $$. So after it's all set and done, $11,269.72 was the profits made. So what's the next stock to watch out for? I will get the next SMS out. Interested parties in the SMS can email me at stockmarketmindgames@gmail.com

Alternatively, you can also come for my next preview which is next Tuesday 21st, 2014 to find out more! Interested parties can register as per instructions below:

Preview Date: 21st January 2014, Time: 7.00pm to 8.30pm

Venue: I will instruct you in the form of email

Contact Ronald K at stockmarketmindgames@gmail.com with the following details.

Subject: Attending Ronald K "The Stock Operation Preview"

Contents: Name, e-mail address and mobile number.

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