Wednesday, January 22, 2014

AP Strat - The Re-Invention of Ronald K SMS With No Mercy

I was at Cityindex yesterday noon for a powerful session. Met up one of my old school mate whom I knew for 10 years and spoke to him about making $$ from the stock market. So yesterday afternoon, I was watching stocks whole day quietly in the office where no external influences and noises can affect my mind making decisions and analysis. One day after my scrutiny of stocks, today is the day to amaze students.

Earlier in the noon, I was pretty busy to the overwhelming demand for the SMS service where public sent in emails for registration. The demand was so huge that it took me hours to read my emails one by one. However in my mind, I am not forgetting my beloved students. Last night, I had a preview. I told all those who signed for the course that I knew which stock was running today and although I did not give out the name of the stock in the preview, I gave it out in the SMMG Club and in the form of SMS so that all can witness what is world class speculation. At 11:59am, I instructed my PAs to start getting the calls out to their clients and by 12:27pm, the call was SMSed out!

Within just few minutes, AP Start was on a steroid where it galloped from zero all the way back and forefront right into the TOP 30 Volume!! To show that I don't forefront stocks, I did not punted this counter, so it's a fair and square game that the buy up was not by me. Also, I am a person with integrity and dignity, I don't buy and then ask my students to buy. That's low classism.

And for those who joined the course last night, you would have witnessed this call I made in the SMMG Club even though you are not in the SMS Service yet. More importantly, students made back 1/3 of the course fee today after he signed up yesterday!!

And the rest was history, too much whatsapp messages, too many emails and a lot of replies in the SMMG Club.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator