Thursday, January 9, 2014

Jesse Livermore - Wisdom Of Truth

People always asked me about entry and target prices. I usually don't give because me myself don't know when is a good price until I monitor the stock closely. It's like comparing a specialist and a general practitioner. I give general outlooks on stocks and thereafter to make more $$, I would need to turn into the specialist mode to delve deeper on the supply/demand zone. I remembered reading Jesse Livermore's "Reminiscent of a Stock Operator", he inspired me because he's the best in the world. He wouldn't give you anything about a stock. He would just tell you bullish or bearish and you decide on your own. To me, that's the ultimate truth in trading. I never see people making a million dollars relying on tips. Instead those people who made it are those who did it all from scratch. In that book, he also mentioned that a normal public love to get something for nothing with no effort. "He doesn't wish to work. He doesn't even wish to think, it's too much bother." This quote itself is self explanatory on the public's mind and thinking. For myself, I love to work and not waiting for something to drop from the sky. That's my attitude, living everyday with goals and helping as many people as I can. I hope for those who come for my course can buy a life long skill and learn how to fish a life time and not waiting for my fish. Because one day I maybe gone, and there won't be another Ronald K. By that time, it's only you that can help yourself. :)

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