Wednesday, January 8, 2014

AP Strat, KLW - Art of Pennies Stock Speculation


Nothing to say or comment. As per speculated this moring at 8:15am that pennies will suffer reactions, It indeed suffered reactions as you can watch the top 30 volume! Not only that KLW, AP Strat all came off from their day high! While the public is looking for target prices, I am looking to decipher and read the BBs' mind right and way before market start so as to know what's my game plan for today. All my posts were timestamped and posted in public forum, no hindsight calls. The best one was AP Strat, forumers posting target price of 45 with reactions at 43.5. The thing was it did not even reached 43.5, not to mention 45 for it to come down. Instead my outlook was to AP Strat was exhausted. Also posted in the SMMG Club since some of my students were in it. Target price is for public to use, Ronald K uses Mind Analysis which is so much faster than projected target price. Have you ever suffered losses because of a target price? For instance when analysts gave a target price of $1.0 but the stock went to high of 0.98 cents and from there on it crashed. I don't know but about target price but I am more focused on BBs hidden buying, hidden selling, fake breakouts and fake breakdowns.

The question now is why pennies would suffer reactions today? Anyone? How did I know and speculated it at 8:15am? I will share it soon.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator