Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Biggest Event Of The First Quarter - Twitter by Ronald K

As promised and advertised late last year December on my blog and Facebook, I shall be conducting my biggest event of the year very very soon. So what shall it be? Now, for this event, everyone can participate be it if you are my students or public. However you will need a twitter account. This event shall not be advertised on my blog or Facebook or anywhere else. Full details shall only be disclosed through twitter. So if you are interested for this FREE event which I am conducting soon which will benefit you immensely, please create a twitter account and follow me at ronaldksmmg

Moreover, in the next few run, I shall tweet real time stock calls using twitter rather than my blog. There is always a time lagging during blogging but by using twitter, it's more powerful and more instant. You can still visit my blog and there will still be updates, however if you are interested in my personal touch, from now on, twitter is the way to go. See the below link to get a feel.

So follow me on twitter at ronaldksmmg if you want to receive real time updates, stock calls, private functions and events. Who knows a call I give on twitter could allow you to make some pocket $$?

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