Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Contel Corp - The Conteling Effect $33K

Ever since I started trading Contel, the stock had always rewarded me with many surprises and profits. Below are some of the posts:

On Feb 15th, 2013, I issued a Watch Alert in the SMMG Club because Contel exudes some kind of buying activity. I knew it's time up for the BBs to conduct a rally and a super breakout was almost imminent. So for all the students who signed for my course, they get to see the calls LIVE. And to give confidence to all of them in my course, we all whacked Contel and the rest was history. Many made back their course fee before attending the course.

However do note, on Feb 18th, Contel had a mini reaction and some students were starting to panic and almost cut loss. As a Mind reader, I gave my confident call to all students that it "WILL RUN TOMORROW!", For those who attended the preview that very same day on Feb 18th heard and experienced themselves where I told them Contel will run the next day. So the following day 19th Feb, when Contel broke out heavily, all were dumbfounded. Everybody was thinking how could Ronald K say run and it ran accordingly?? Everybody, students and new sign ups were all convinced because they already made money the following day and that feeling was totally indescribable. Of course this has got to do with timing and Mind Reading which is the core of my course.

Personally, I only traded 1000 lots to prove my conviction was right. Still my trades were done within the Contra period which I will teach The Art of Contra Trading in my upcoming course. Did I bought back Contel again? I will reveal during next week's preview or for those who sign up with me today, I will also reveal it. Below is my trade record and my students'.

It was a good ride overall and a happy one because I see smiling faces in my students. Not only I made $33k in two rounds of Contel contra but more importantly new students have confidence in my skill because they themselves made back the course fee before attending the Stock Operation Course. Confidence is something that money cannot buy and I will instill it to all my students during the course. Thanks to those who signed up. Truly appreciated it.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator