Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Contel Corp Timeline Revelation - A Well Operated Game Plan

Ever since I planned my buying campaign in Contel Corp, I knew I had to play this game very carefully and tactfully. Why? Because the operator for this counter is very flushy and smart. He can send the stock to heaven as and when he likes and bring you back to hell when you try to chase the stock. Well, no matter how skillful the operator is, I was still able to read his mind 3 steps ahead and left unscathed during my buying camping since Jan 16th to Feb 27th, 2013.

Contel had been a pleasure ride for me personally because I was trying out new things/ideas with my own personal money and it all seemed to clicked and gel well with me always leaving at glory. I believe to really read the operator's mind, one needs to really understand his buying campaign and know when and how he will conduct his rally. One got to agree with me it's tough trading through the trading range and I still managed to make something out of nothing. It's definitely a new challenge for me!

After so much observation, testing, and toying around with the operator, I believe I discovered something in this stock which enables me to precisely determine when will a breakout happen and when will it cool off again. In fact, I spotted the TOP in Contel when it was trading at 0.117/0.118 and only 3 person saw it with their own eyes. It was just a flick of a second before I called for the TOP before it went from 0.118 all the way to 0.96!!! Too bad I was outside the whole day yesterday and I had no charts, only the B/S Queues, so I can't post. All in all, it's all good! Thank you!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator