Monday, October 21, 2013

Contel Corp - The Zero Loss Contra Hit Rate

I was surprised to be still able to find my Contel Contra trades for the month of Feb this year! I thought I had threw it away which I usually do so because everything I posted on my blog was already shown transparently and there is no need to keep consolidated monthly statement.

This was how it all started with my contra trades in Contel corp! I traded over a trading range till the very day Contel hit the top and I unloaded at that very same day on 27th Feb 2013. From there on, the stock ceased and crashed. That's how I achieved 100% hit rate from a dull trading range to that excitement!

Be clear, I am talking about speculating from a trading range till the day the stock bursted with zero losses! From the very first black circle I drew to the very last green circle when finally Contel could not hold any longer and crashed!

If you love Contra trading, you got to learn from me because I had done it all! Made $42,000 during Feb and never looked back! Entered multiple trades with all victories without any injuries. I personally think it's a achievement for myself. Just so to make it clear, it's contra trading multiple times over multiple time frames. Not investment or buy and hold or swing trade.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator