Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Live Trading - Precision Call on Mirach Energy and CNA!!

This time round, instead of 40 people who attended on July 16th 2013 three months back, there were 80+ people witnessing my calls LIVE before the market opened at 9:00am this morning! Seeing is believing. Read all the comments and watch the videos captured at the event earlier. Throw away all your technicals and fundamentals analysis to see the revelation.


Once again, history was made. Ronald K managed to picked 2 stocks before the market started at 9:00am. 80 attendees witnessed with their very own eyes and were dumb founded. The smoke screen salesman tactics to lure traders/investors in were all removed in this LIVE Trading because finally people get to see the REAL hardcore trading and what is speculation all about!!!

So earlier in the morning before entering the trading room, I was being captured by camera. In fact, I was already leaking out my plan for today to my PAs so that they were prepared to take in the trade orders if any. Good captured!

From walking to entrance, I was being escorted just to make sure I can work my magic. Had a small chat with the attendees and getting prepared for stocks selection. During the stocks selection process, I kept asking the attendees which stock was going to run and no had an answer for me. So the magic came at 8:59am when I gave Mirach Energy. The market then opened at 9:00am and the stock galloped in sheer seconds! Just to make sure the attendees did not caused the price to spike, the call was given at 8:59am instead of 8:45am. In that manner, they were all unprepared and the rising of price was caused by the BBs and NOT anyone in that room!

There were many calls given, Mirach and CNA were two main. Wilmar, Noble, Cordlife, Thbev, KS Energy, Liongold, Blumont, Asiasons, Innopac, etc were all analyzed during the class. The best part about this whole LIVE Trading was the outlook of the day, I told them it's going to be a mixed day at 8:45am and indeed the market did not had any major rally. Of course, some made on CNA, Mirach, Noble, etc..

And I just learnt that one of the attendees made $1150 in 5 mins with 10 lots on my Ossia call by naked shorting when I made a call on Oct 7th, 2013, 7:41am!!!




And when everything is set and done, the smoke had cleared and the dust had settled, they treat me like GOD, but I treat them as human. I am no GOD. I am just normal with a little more experience, that's all. Thank you all for coming, planning for the next big one in November! Appreciated all the MCs and leaves you took, hope I didn't disappoint anyone of you. :)

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator