Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Noble Group - The 1,000,000 Shares ShortSell with $9000 Profits

In my early days of speculation, I had failed many times and was heading towards depression. At the later stage of my career, I realized that failure is part of my later stage success. It's the process of building stronger guts, unparalleled confidence and ultra conviction in whatever trades I took. And so I conclude, training is doing your homework. It's not exciting. More often than not, it's tedious. There's certainty no fun and glory in it. But you stick with it, overtime and incrementally though no specific sessions, your thoughts changes. Your mind becomes calloused to effort. You stop thinking as out working as difficult or interesting or magical, it all happens naturally. It just becomes what you do. It becomes a habit. If you think i am an inspiration, outwork and continue to endure in your practice. I loathe schooling back in those days and I still loathe schooling today because it's all theory, I need and I want experience. Guts is something that school don't teach. Confidence is something that money can't buy. Ultimately, a win is a win, there is no right or wrong, results speak volume! Ronald K, 2013

So in this Noble Trade, I shorted 1000 lots which is 1,000,000 shares of Noble at 1.035-1.045. The point is I shorted 1000 lots, which was 3.1 times of what I had in the past when I longed 300 lots. I had leveraged my guts to a whole new level and it's something that I cannot explained it myself. It's the confidence and conviction I always have when it comes to punting. And yes so, I covered at the bottom at 1.025 - 1.030 without suffering any emotional barriers and made $9000 within 3 days.


And of course, this trade is shared to all my students in the SMMG Club. Students prosper and that's all it matters. Replicating my success to all my students and get them to feel the power of making consistent $$. If I can achieve it, everyone should be able to achieve it.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator