Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fake Breakouts Secrets Revealed by Ronald K - June 20th 2014

When it comes to trading the penny stocks, one must not neglect the importance and power of fake breakouts. Why? Because it can cause detrimental effects if you ever longed at the wrong price and wrong timing. To beat the game, one must break the rules. To win the game, one must decipher the minds of the BBs. Once you master the secrets of the fake breakouts, your trading skills will be 70% filled, another 30% goes to hidden buying/selling. See below how 2120 lots of Mirach was longed at 0.194 when there was a fake breakdown (The opposite of a fake breakout)

This coming Friday afternoon, 20th June 2014, I will finally share the secrets of the fake breakouts, how to spot and detect it so you put yourself at the winning edge. I will also share what you need in order to train your guts and confidence so that you win the rat race. Don't have to believe what I said, but seeing is believing, so come witness yourself. In this 1.5hours, you will learn
  • How to turn a small amount to big returns with the right mindset and skill
  • Low risk, high returns technique using hidden buying/selling
  • Detecting the Flow of Smart money moving in/out using the time and sales.
  • Mindset between the successful traders vs normal retailers.
Registrations is based on first come first serve. Interested parties can follow the below instructions to register.

Preview Date: 20th June 2014, Time: 12.00pm to 1.30pm
Venue: I will instruct you in the form of email

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