Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Noble Group - Walk The Talk, 500 Lots Short Sell, $3500 Fast Punt Within Minutes

Last night at 8:54pm, I blogged about my bearishness in Noble! I had only one stock in my and that's noble. Today what happened earlier within 45 minutes was nothing short of spectacular. Not only I posted on my blog, I also posted on the public forum for all to witness. While my students were making $$ and some being skeptical, this time round it's posted on the public domain to see for yourself.


Since I gave the call, I would walk the talk by taking actions. This morning, I was standing by waiting to short it first thing in the morning, however I did not get it due to all the phone calls, SMS etc, but still I managed to short it at 1.39 and 1.375 and covered it before the rebound now. Not at the low, but good enough to secure $3500 within a few minutes. My 500 lots of shorts in Noble was done in an ultra confident and conviction mode where there is only one plan and that's to make quick instant $$ in the shortest amount of time. Now, my 500 lots was shorted at different prices and booked at different prices. While many is wishy washy and hesitant about higher prices to short, I am not. I just get the job done since I know it's coming down. After shorting at 1.39, if you see my trade record, I still have 2 positions opened with 400 lots after booking profits for 100 lots at 1.385. Well, it's overall not bad for today since I made $3500 within minutes considered this is Singapore stocks, not index.

There was profit taking, short selling and hidden selling in this counter to contribute to the fast down fall today. The BBs were insidious in this fast sell as if one don't cover fast, he/she would suffer reactions now. It's not about the target prices but more about speed, magnitude of the fall and velocity.

Noble had been super kind to me, from my 600 - 1000 lots short to my 300 lots longed at 0.82 cents in the past to now, it's been a good counter! So far so good. I will share more in tonight's preview. It's gonna be a good one and congrats to those who made $$. See you guys there!




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