Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Noble Group - Perfect Illustration of Buy/Sell Q

Today, Noble had the best text book stuff of the buy/sell Q which I shared last Friday during the SOMM session. From the thick building up of blocks to the reduction of numbers, everything that I shared LIVE last Friday was just picturesque in this scenario. Last Friday we made $$ in RH Petrogas using the buy/sell Q instead of charts and today I spotted something in Noble without charts too with the same trick the BBs normally used.

The Qs are something too powerful not to be missed. It's like ice dissolving into water. First comes the ice and before the ice melts, we need to know when exactly was the time it took before the exact moment it started melting and dissolving, that precision is the buy/sell Q. From the thick to the thin, from the smoke screen to the disappearing act, the flick of the Q numbers and then without the volume churning, simply subtle yet powerful and amazing. For those who witnessed last Friday when we use the buy/sell Q to make $$, you won't forget what happened that day to RH Petrogas because you made $$ on the spot. I will talk more soon but congrats to SOMM members who bought the manual because that topic is captured and clearly definite how it works in the manual.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator