Saturday, November 5, 2016

Germany Dax - Short Term Trading Indices

Received a Whatsapp from a student last evening on his progress on trading indices. I believed he found his niche in trading the Dax and also in Singapore stocks. I am in the midst of building more of such students who are hungry for knowledge and eager to trade. While most of my blog readers would thought that I only teach Singapore stocks, but in fact, the methods and strategies taught can be used to trade multiple facets instruments and derivatives.

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Last night was a cooling yet eventful sharing evening because I shared certain things on how the Big Boys perform collections and how to conduct the breakout to lure the public into buying. Well, it was definitely an eye opener as I received SMS, thanking me for the session. Many also did not turned out even though the attendance list was full house. So coming Tuesday, I will do a final session for those who are interested to trade short term in stocks and indices. Don't miss this chance to see how collections take place. Register below.

Eventbrite - Register, Meet and Learn with Ronald K

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