Saturday, November 26, 2016

Jumbo - Profits Jumped 46.3%

Jumbo' stock price rose recent, so does the actual profits realization for the company where they made $15.5 million recently. The stock price rose in tandem with the good news released for the company however in the chart, there was some accumulation first before the actual news was released yesterday. Normally the BBs would have already know this piece of info first hand and would create some flushes or some accumulation and when the news is nearer to the release date, they would drive the stock price higher in order to profit from it.

Looking at the minute chart, it was indeed true that's how the stock market works. Buy on rumours and sell on news. The news is out and Jumbo reached a recent high of 0.67 before closing at 0.66. I must admit I gave my Whatsapp alert late because this stock is not in my watchlist and hence I saw it late too. But still, congrats to all who made $ in the Whatsapp alert.

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