Friday, November 25, 2016

Sembcorp Ind - Booked Profits, $9500

It was last Monday I gave a Whatsapp alert to all SOMM member on the bullishness on Sembcopr Ind. Oil was in play during that time and it was simple to trade this counter. Click and see my last Monday Whatsapp.

Most of us got in at 2.66 and rode all the way up. The stock was slow but well, the direction was right as it was on it's way up. Today it reached a short term peak of 2.75/2.76 as of now where I looked to lock in a profit of $9500 together with the rest who swung with me. In the minute chart, there was some profit taking and it pays to be vigilant and careful. Rotating to other counters. Share more on next Tuesday's workshop. Please bring a pen and paper to copy down the stocks that I will be sharing if you are coming for the workshop. Don't miss it.

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