Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Sembcorp Ind - A SOMM Whatsapp Alert

In my last blog post for Sembcorp Ind, I mentioned that I am expecting Sembcorp Ind to form another trading range before moving higher. Look at the above attached 5 minute chart, Sembcorp Ind indeed formed another trading range and broke out higher to a high of 2.72!


In fact, I already gave a Whatsapp alert to my SOMM team yesterday to take advantage of the opportunity to make $ in this counter. Like I mentioned earlier, this is a swing trade for higher price to come. Congrats to all who longed. :) After the range formed, some BBs just whacked another 1332 lots to push the price higher. Seemed like the BBs love to create range to confuse retailers and they will start buying there.

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