Thursday, August 31, 2017

Cityneon - Jurassic World Exhibition

After scoring good results, Cityneon continues to impress everyone with their latest good news in clinching global rights for Jurassic World Exhibition. Well, it's a good piece of news and I think it's wise to lock in some short term profits for those who longed the stock based on my bullish Whatsapp on Aug 15th.

Cityneon is a good stock and the counter always surprised me with so many good news. I believe the price will be opening around 1.04-1.055 today with an almost 10 cent profits since we longed at 0.955-0.96. Congrats to everyone who still held on to the trade and let's lock in profits when the market opens. Will share more on my Whatsapp alerts in my talk next Tuesday.

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