Thursday, August 17, 2017

Jumbo - Below Ron Sim's Buy Price


Sent out a bearish Whatsapp alert on Jumbo @ July 26 last month and can only see Jumbo continue to sell down now to 0.53! Here, I congrats everyone who shorted and made $$ out of it. The stock recently went expansion in China but then this news itself is not enough to push the stock up as I believe the BBs is not ready to move it up yet. And then on Aug 8th, Jumbo posted that their profits was down and that's where I knew we are in the good $$.

I went back to check back the history of Jumbo to only realized that Ron Sim increased his stake in Jumbo at quite a very high price of 0.73-0.74 but it's only at 0.53 low today! So does it mean that a prominent figure like Ron Sim buys Jumbo so that we follow him? I think a better and wiser choice is to buy before him and sell on news. That's what I had been doing for years. Look at the Jumbo Whatsapp alert. The bad news was out on Aug 8th but we already shorted on July 26th, always 1 step ahead of the game. For those who had been asking about my Whatsapp, please come for my talk next Tues if you are interested. Registration is below.

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