Tuesday, August 29, 2017

LIVE Sharing with Ronald K - The Move in M1

Did a LIVE Trading earlier after my Attack Team. Thanks for everyone who came and learnt something about the secrets on M1 and how I spot it. To be able to pick one good stock when STI is selling down is an art. It was a good sharing session as I can see many happy faces with the recent Whatsapp I sent out like M1, Rowsley, Spackman, etc..but more importantly it's the sharing session the reinforced learning over and over again.  Look at the trade records from those who joined my Attack Team and made $ LIVE, it's the best testament that I can deliver for those who trust my stock picks and analysis.


In the coming weeks, I will be very busy but still I will do some sharing sessions. I enjoyed watching stocks LIVE with the participants but I am more focused on building success traders/investors. Stay tune. Coincidentally, I will have another Whatsapp alert event. Interested parties can register below.

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