Friday, August 11, 2017

Jumbo - A Bearish Whatsapp before Results Slips

Jumbo continued to tank today after the overall bearish market condition together with a bad news yesterday where their results was not fantastic at all. All these are public news that was out so that everyone knows and everyone can read about it. However on July 26th last month, I gave a bearish Whatsapp alert on Jumbo and we started to short it as a while BEFORE the actual news was out.

During that day, I saw a heavy sell queue order and also some lackluster of buyers before deciding to send out a bearish Whatsapp alert. I can foresee what's going to happen to stocks just before it materialized like the recent MM2 blog post as per below.

Actually the chart has all the answers and movements before the factual news so if you can read it correctly before it happened, it's a huge advantage to your trading arsenal. Looking forward to send another Whatsapp when I see something.

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