Friday, August 11, 2017

Hi-P - MultiBagger Growth Stock

In all my previews that I conducted last week and this week, I had been sharing Hi-P and some others for their growth potential and why it was a growth stock. Looking at it, Hi-P had been a super multibagger with huge potential return with great profits. I remembered the last time we trade was May this year where I gave my SOMM a Whatsapp alert when the price was 0.73. Click and see below to read more.

Soon, the stock had been rising and progressing non stop. In fact, I also posted it on my blog LIVE where the base was forming for a further up move to come and share it during my talk. I am gald that everyone benefited from it and made $$.

Growth stocks are hard to come by and when it does again, I will send a Whatsapp alert out so standby your phone. :) For those who had been asking about my Whatsapp, I will share more during my talk on Tuesday.

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