Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Rowsley - Total Long 6 Million Shares

Earlier in the morning, I performed some LIVE coaching and I shared with them what stocks to watch out for today and we all saw this wonderful stock called Rowsley. All of us were watching and I saw many wonderful bullish setups like the collections and buy/sell Q flips. All of us went long together and as of now, Rowlsey just shot through the roof. This morning, I added on 3 million shares at 0.109 and the stock hit a high of 0.116. So far, I have collected 6 million shares. 0.105 with 3 million and another 3 million at 0.109. I also posted the run on my personal blog before you see the price now at 0.116! Click and read.

The important thing was how did I know Rowsley was going to run when it has been ranging for almost 1 month already. See my earlier post when I send a Whatsapp out for everyone to go long.

Here, I congrats all who took actions and made $$. Can't wait for the next LIVE Trading and LIVE Coaching. If you are interested to make $ with me, do send me an email to

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist