Sunday, May 6, 2018

Alibaba - Trading with Observation Skills

Extremely happy to be receiving this trade record in our Whatsgroup good chat where one of my student shared his trading observations on Alibaba and made profits out of it. I am pleased to see a $5000+ profits from him and even though he's busy with work schedules, still the job was done and profits was made. I studied the Alibaba chart and there were many signs for both long/shorts. From the profit taking to the trading range, those were all signals for trading the US market just like Singapore on buying before the breakouts.

The Singapore market on the other side were limited by opportunities where some days is good while other days it is tough. The US market on the reverse is filled with so many opportunities everyday for making $. I am slowly shifting towards trading the US market and although I still love the Singapore market, I will only trade and invest where the market is there.

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