Thursday, May 3, 2018

Apple - Trading 100 Shares with $917 Profits

We traded Apple on a Tuesday, May 1st Labour Day when everyone was on the holiday mode. I traded with a few members and we selected Apple as the stock to trade since the results was releasing soon. Last night, Apple released good results and the stock gap up $7.00+ and I was very pleased that we took actions on May 1st and made some small $917 with just a small 100 shares of buying before the result.

The impromptu trading session was great as everyone learnt more skills and knowledge from me which meant more trading opportunities if you know how to spot it. People know me because I trade Singapore stocks but I am slowly shifting towards the US since everyday has opportunities.

The chart has all the answers of good results before the actual trading session at 9.30pm. The collections with some small flushing were tell tale signs of smart money buying which prompted us to take action on the long side. The stock then gap up last evening as you can see in the minute chart where profits were made.

While the Singapore market is really less of opportunities these days, I am opening a new market for myself and those passionate traders so as not to waste opportunities in making $. Looking forward to trade more US stocks.

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