Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A Private Sharing Session - Dow Jones and Singapore Market

Conducted a private event yesterday with a group of traders where I shared some Dow outlook combined with the Singapore market movements. I was pleased that the Dow presented some good amount of trading opportunities as opposed to the Singapore market. The choppy range in the Singapore market presented tough conditions while the Dow Jones is the one that was leading the market up. Hence, we are slowly moving towards trading the Dow Jones and I was pleased to see some trade records coming in for the Dow Jones after my speech. Hope to to trade with you all soon.

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Decided to go back to the office and get some work done and watch the Dow as it tumbled. Happy to be alone in the office watching it alone with my assistant and see how the Dow Jones tumbled according to my prediction yesterday morning. I was even more pleased to be receiving messages and records that more people are trading the US stocks now and profited from it like Intel and Apple. The Dow Jones was of course priority as it's easier to read the chart than other stocks. Congrats!

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