Saturday, May 26, 2018

Dow Jones - LIVE Trading with Ronald K Part 8

Last evening I conducted a private event and here I thank everyone for making time to come for this seminar. In the seminar, I reiterated the skills and shared some of my recent losses and wins which happened this week. From the collections to stocks selection, it wasn't an easy market and nothing really moves in a right direction. That's how it is for now and it's best to scalp or stay out at the moment.

After the seminar, I decided to do some Dow Jones LIVE Trading so as not to waste opportunities and hence we traded the Dow carefully. I wouldn't say it's a tough night as all the signals were there but it wasn't an easy night with huge profits. We did some scalp trades and managed to make some hundreds. Took 3 trades and lost one small trade due to some market shifting. Overall, good trading experience as we waited for signals but took profits too fast.

Thereafter we went for supper and had some discussions session. Everyone learnt and took back something but more importantly there was some key learning points to take away during the session where I shared how to drew the exact supply and demand zone so as to achieve consistency. It was a long night and I thank everyone for stay up late and trade together. Looking forward to the next session.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist