Thursday, October 18, 2018

A Trip Back From KL - Sold Out

Just got back from Malaysia and touched down Singapore. It was a long 48 hours as I did not sleep much and most of them time was focused on travelling and waiting. Earlier in the afternoon, I just finished a speech in Malaysia and here, I am pleased to announced that the Malaysia course is really really sold out with almost 100 people in just 7 sessions of selling. I can't emphasize more that the energy and enthusiasms in Malaysia is really giving me the drive and motivation to do more previews there with my 110% effort. Very soon, I will be conquering Johor and I shall start another course there.

I was also very pleased to see a good trade in Chip Eng Seng earlier in the afternoon where I shared this counter this week during one of my Dow Trading sessions where the job was done and profits were made! So happy that 0.73 was the price of entry and 0.75 was the price of exit today. 25 lots with $500 return in 1 day. I am conducting my year end last preview for Singapore on Oct 30th where I shall give out some good stock tips and picks for the year end. So if you are interested to come listen to me, kindly register below by clicking the button. It's my last for the year as November I shall be super busy in Malaysia and December I won't be doing any talks.

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