Wednesday, October 10, 2018

AEM - Test Solution To Help Huawei's 5G Rollout

AEM just released some good news. However that's not important because the good thing I want to know is my student longed yesterday at 0.795 before the good news released today. I saw the whole AEM movement yesterday but was focused on some other counters instead and hence gave it a miss. Even though I did not made $$ yesterday, still I am pleased that my student managed to bank in right with just 10 lots.  Congrats!

AEM Holdings Ltd announced that Huawei has chosen its test solution developed in collaboration with China Electronics Technology Group Corporation No.23 Research Institute for qualifying high-performance short reach cabling links for Huawei's 5G backhaul network..

Update: 10/10/2018, 5:10pm

AEM closed low after my student unloaded and locked in profits at day high of 0.85. The stock closed 0.82 low. Super nice profits considering what I taught him in the course on gap ups!

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