Friday, October 19, 2018

Lippo Malls - Bad Chart

I studied the Lippo Malls chart carefully since it was in the Top volume which was rarely seen. From the chart, there was no cob, no ws but mountains of sellers looking to sell and maybe cash out. The chart tanked and it looked like there were no signs of turning anytime soon. I then flipped over to all Lippo Malls related companies like OUE, OUE Commercial Trust, and Lippo Healthcare. All of them lacked of buyers at the moment and one by one they started to fall off the cliff. Bad news must have been mounting and emerging where it's so bad that it shook away quality buyers. Click the below link to see the bad news.

In the near term, I will shy away from this stock. It used to be one of the hottest stock back then but fortune and luck can change. It's very important to pick the right counters for trading and investments. Even if you have $$ but pick a wrong stock to invest, still it will go down the drain. Over the years of my trading and investments, I made some hefty mistakes but every time I take it as a hard lesson and never commit them again which allowed me to survive so many years. Register for my last talk of the year on the below button, I will show you how to pick good stocks.

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