Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Thomson Medical - Selling in Progress

Thomson Medical is experiencing some real selling now!! As posted on my blog yesterday that profit taking is ripe for this counter, and as highlighted earlier in the morning that the stock is coming down, it's now trading at 0.086/0.087!!

Luckily I did not chase more at the breakouts and I was looking to unload everything instead. I longed 0.084 and 0.085 last week and luckily all locked in profits, not at the best price but profits in the pocket is never wrong. Looking at the selling first and study the tape on the next turning point now. The market might be turning bullish soon.

Update: 10/10/2018, 5.05pm

Thomson Medical closed low at 0.085 which proved what I saw about profit taking and selling BEFORE the stock sold down was correct.

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