Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Alibaba Hong Kong - Longed Bottom, Sold Top, $5400 HKD

Super impressive trade from my Malaysian student. It was a stock I shared with her and I called her personally to watch this counter after Terence helped me to monitor it for a while. She then spotted the bottom, look for a good entry and then started to buy at the bottom at $200.40 before Alibaba flew to $218 where she locked in all her profits. Good contra trade and good ride for the past 3 days. The signal for short term trading was so obvious and the signal to sell was also there earlier just now. From buying at the bottom to selling at the top, total profit was $5400 for 300 shares. Impressive is the word as I continue to train her and Terence will continue to guide her. Looking forward to see you in Singapore soon and I want to take a picture with you!

Will share another stock like this during my talk on Feb 25th, registration link below.

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