Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Wilmar Intl - Locked in $1000 Profits

I was just sharing in Malaysia how easy it is to read the supply/demand zones to pick good stocks to trade. During my talk, I also shared some stocks to watch out for and what are the sectors that shall be hit by the Coronavirus and what to avoid. It was like I said a lot of people and many of them were interested in trading/investments. I shared Wilmar as the stock had a nice setup recently and soon the stock just rebounded. My trader as usual outperformed as she traded and locked in profits with $1000 extra in her pocket. She learnt from my last year and she's already performing so well that I think it is possible to quit her job and do full time trading in the next 7 months. As for all the Malaysians who came looking for me during my talk, I shall do the same and share the same strategies with you all so that you have a skill which you can make $ as and when you feel like it. See you all soon!

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